Still Eating Oranges round-up #3

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To our many new followers: welcome. We hope that you will enjoy the site. As for our older followers, we thank you for your continued support. In the coming year, we hope to bring our readers even better and more diverse content; but, for now, please enjoy this list of our notable updates from the past months. Our last two round-ups may be accessed through the link above.


A new beginning for American literature

Art, beauty and video games

Generation Y

Fantastic Figurations Face Fearsome Foes

Issue #1

Misc. art

Merry Christmas

Character tests


A Country Doctor


Experimental writing

Untitled #3

Untitled #4



Object #1

No title

No title #2


On violence

On kishōtenketsu

On nominalism

On literature

On contemporary art

On depiction

Still Eating Oranges


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